Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 12 Questions!

1. What is Katniss struggling to find?
   Katniss is struggeling to find water! She needs water so badly. She is dehidrated. She is trying to use her and follow plants and animals because they need water to survive. 
2. In what ways is Katniss “playing the game”?
     In a way Katniss is playing the game because she is hungry for water. The whole point of the games is starvation and she is going through that. But eventually she finds water.
3. Why doesn’t Haymitch send Katniss water?
    Haymitch does'nt send Katniss water because he knows she is smart enough to find it. Also, she is very close to the water. She is dying of thirst. But Katniss knows what he is trying to do!

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