Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 21 Questions!

1Who's the first to get their pack?
FoxFace is the first one to get her backpack. Katniss seems mad because she has a clever idea.
2. Who catches Katniss?
Clove catches Katniss. She pins her down to the ground and cuts her lips! She trying to kill her. But than Thresh comes and saves Katniss![:
3Why does Thresh let Katniss go? Thresh let Katniss go because she did everything to save rue's life. Katniss had also told him that District 11 had given her bread. 
4.Why does Katniss think Cato will go after Thresh and not her?I think Katniss thinks that Cato will go after Thresh and not her because Thresh has Cato's backpack and the stuff he really needs.     

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