Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 15 Questions!

1. Who forms an alliance with Katniss?
Rue forms an alliance with Katniss. Katniss can't stop thinking of Prim when she sees rue. Rue saved Katniss life.
2. How does this alliance benefit both parties?
This alliance benefits both parties because they both have things the other one needs. Rue give Katniss leaves to cure the stings. Katniss gives Rue medicine for her burns. Katniss also can give Rue meat which she not used to eating.
3. What are some differences between District 11 and District 12?
District 11 and District 12 have some differences between them. District 11 is dedicated to agriculture and District 12 is coal mining. Katniss thinks that her District is really strict, but Rue's district is worse. Even though Disrict 11 is agriculture, they can't eat the food. If they do, they get whipped in front of everybody. Katniss knows that there are rarely whippings in her district. She also knows that the mayor isn't as strict as District 11's.

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