Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 18 Questions!

1.What does Katniss do for Rue?
When rue dies Katniss sings a song for her and decorates her around with wildflowers. Se does that to show the capitol that they don't own them and wanted to show that Rue wasn't just another piece of there games.
2.Who sponsors a gift for her? What is it?
District 11 sponsors a gift for her. Its a loaf of bread. The bread is made of dark rations grain and shaped in a crescent.Sprinkled with seeds. I think they gave her the bread because of what she did for rue. Its like a thank you.That was the first time a district gave anything to another district.
3.How does Katniss' attitude change after Rue's death?
Katniss sounds more angry but like demanding to herself. She thinks as it like you have to do it. I think she's like that because she couldn't save Rue.  
4.What rule change do the Gamemakers announce?
The rule change was that 2 tributes can live that year. They can only live if there from the same district. Katniss right away called peeta's name when they declared the new rule. 

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