Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 6 Questions!

1. What is an Avox? How does Katniss know the Avox?
An Avox is someone who has committed a crime. They cut their tongue so they can't speak. Katniss knows this Avox, because she saw her at the woods. She saw her and a boy running in the woods. Then, out of nowhere a helicopter comes, and drops a net on her and shoots her up. They also shoot a spear through the boy that was attached to a cable, but they had killed him. Katniss could have helped her, but she just watched, as she suffered.
2. What prevents tributes from jumping off the roof? Why do you think this is in place?
The roof has like an invisible electric fence surrounding the roof so tributes wont jump off. I think they put that there because tributes want to kill themselves instead of going into the arena, suffering, then dieing anyways.
3. What reasons would Peeta have for being curious about Gale?  
Maybe Peeta has feelings for Katniss and he is jealous about Gale. Maybe he thought if he was Katniss' relative, he still would have had a chance with her. Or maybe, something happened between him and Gale, something bad, and that is stained in his memory.

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