Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 3 Questions!

1.Who comes to say goodbye to Katniss?
-Her Mother
-Peeta's Dad
2.What did Madge Give Katniss? What Significance does it have?
Madge gives Katniss, a golden pin, called a MockingJay. It has an arrow and a ring around it. Madge pins it to Katniss' dress and tells her to wear it to every Hunger Game. She Promised. Katniss is only allowed to wear one thing that reminds her of her District [12] during the games. She picked the pin that Madge gave her.
3.What instructions does Katniss give her mother before she left?
Katniss tells her mom to take care of herself and prim while she is gone. She also asked for her to never leave, like she did to her dad. Katniss told her mother that she loved her very much and to take care(:

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