Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 13 Questions!

1. What new threat does Katniss face?
The new threat thats now a problem for Katniss is a BIG FIRE!
She suddenly wakes up and the woods are burning. She is feeling really dizzy and woozy. She can hardly breathe and the tributes are on the other side.  
2. How do the Gamemakers control the events of the Games?
The game makers control the game events by changing everything. For example, they threw bombs from everywhere to kill them. They change them when it gets boring. Also, when there is no action.
3. What slows Katniss down?
The thing that slows Katniss down is her breathing and the fire balls hat are coming toward the ground. She can't really go through because they might hit her and die. Than she gets burned on her calve witch stings her a lot.
4. Who finds her?
The careers find Katniss. She hears them walking towards her when she is in the pond. Katniss gets up and walks away from the pond and climbs a tree.

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