Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 16 Questions!

1. What is Katniss' offensive attack?
         Katniss' offensive attack is to go and destroy all the    Careers' food and supplies. She says that the Careers   are always getting the food. They don't need to hunt for their food. Katniss wants to destroy all their food but she cant because they got booby traps! 
2. In what ways are the Careers at a disadvantage?
        The Careers are at a disadvantage because they don't know it is like to starve. They have always had food. They have never had to hunt for their food. With their food gone, who knows how they will eat.
3. What important information does Rue provide?
    She tells Katniss that when she hears mocking jays that to go back to the camp fire site. Also, that she has six siblings and sh is the oldest. She is very protect against them. She also,told Katniss that she loves to sing a lot!(: 
4. What is Rue's favorite thing? How does this connect to Katniss?
       Rue's favorite thing is music. She says that at home and work she sings. That that is why Rue likes Katniss' mockingjay. Rue sings with the mockingjays. Katniss tried to give her , her Mockingjay but she said no she already has a good luck charm!
5. Why can't Katniss get to the bounty of supplies? How is she able to destroy it?
    Katniss can't get to the bounty of supplies because it is mined. The whole area is full of mines that the boy from District 3 set-up. Katniss is able to destroy it by shooting arrows in the bags full of apples. As soon as the apples fell, the whole place exploded. Katniss fell from the tree and knocked out her breathe! Sooo she can't get up.


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