Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 25 Questions!

1. What attacks the last three tributes?
The thing that attack the three tributes were wolfs. The wolfs that attacked the three tributes are the ones that eat humans.
2. How does Katniss use her last arrow?
Katniss uses her last arrow by using it with Peeta with his injury he has in his leg.
3. What happens when the Gamemakers revoke the rule change?
When the Gamemakers revoke the rule Katniss and Peeta look at each other. Katniss starts to think of a plan so instead of killing each other they kill themselves. Katniss' plan was to get some poison berries and eat them as if they were gonna die.! Katniss is Very Very Smart! 
4. Who wins the Hunger Games?Katniss and Peeta win the Hunger Games!!! Yayyy!

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