Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 20 Questions!

1.What is Peeta's condition?
Peeta's condition is that he has really high fever and a really bad wound that cato gave him. Cato was on the same team as him but i guess cato betrayed him. Peeta also has blood poising and tracker-jackers bites!/:
2.How do the Gamemakers try to entice the tributes? What does Katniss think they have for her?
The Gamemakers try to tense the tributes by announcing that there will be a feast. They also, said that their will be backpacks with there district number on it. The backpack will contain something they need. Katniss thinks that they will have something for Peeta's leg.

3.What does Haymitch send Katniss? Why?   
Haymitch sends Katniss a sleeping syrup. He sends her that so she can put Peeta to sleep while she goes and gets the backpacks. The sleeping syrup last a day so that will give her enough time to go to the feast!(:


  1. Feast is a periodical celebration or time of celebration, usually of a religious nature, commemorating an event, person, etc. We celebrated it to honor, to thank and to be proud of of what we have and what we become as a person or a citizen.



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