Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 5 Questions

1. Compare and Contrast life in District 12 to Life in the Capitol
In District 12, everything is mostly dirty,and gross,many people are poor. They hardly have any food or money. In the Capitol , everything is fancy and expensive. Many people there have a lot of money. They don't have to worry about anything. They always have food and money.
2.What does Cinna ask Katniss amd Peeta to do just before they ride out in their chariot? What is the purpose of this gesture?
Cinna asks them to hold their head up high and smile. He asked them to hold eachothers hands so they wont't fall off.
3.Why is it so hard for Katniss to trust Peeta's kindness?
Katniss is scared to get really close to Peeta beause she doesn't want to fall for him. Also, because if she falls into his tricks he might want to kill her. But  i don't think so. He is just being sweet. I don't know why she is so scared to get close to him.


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