Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 22 Questions!

1. How does Katniss compare Peeta to Gale?    She compares them on their  personalities. Gale is the kind person who always asks question. Peeta is the kind of person who is soft  and not a coward.
2. What happens with the weather?
   The  weather gets more tense and stronger. The Gamemakers put
hard thunder and rain like  no other.! The gamemakers wanted it like that so the tributes would find it hard to hunt or kill.!(: 
3. How does Katniss get the feast?
   Katniss gets the feast by Haymitch. Katniss knows what Haymitch wants so she gives him what she wanted. And gets the feast. Peeta doesn't know but its alright to Katniss.!   


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