Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 9 Questions!

1. Describe Katniss’ interview attire and training? What affect do you think it had on the audience?
   For the interview, Katniss is weating a heavy dress. Her skin is gold. Her dress is covered in sooo many jewls! Katniss' training went bad with Haymitch. She couldn't find a way on how to act. She doesn't really like Haymitch. I think the audience liked how Katniss acted and looked.                                           

2. How does Haymitch and Cinna ask Katniss to behave?
   Haymitch and Cinna tell Katniss to act like herself. Haymitch doesnt like the way Katniss acts towards him when she's acting like herself. She doesn't know how to act to impress everyone. Cinna tells Katniss to just look at him when she's answering a question. Then, she'll really act like herself.

3. What do we discover about Peeta during his interview?
   During Peeta's interview, everyone finds out he likes Katniss. He's asked if he has a girlfriend, and he says no. He tells thm that he likes a girl and that a lot of boys like her. He finally says that the girl he likes came to the Hunger Games with him.

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