Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 4 Questions!

[Number 1 & 2 were my prediction before I read the whole book(:]
1.Do you think Haymitch will be helpful as a mentor?Why or why not?
I kinda don't think he will be a good mentor because most of the time he is drunk and he just hit Peeta because he got mad at him. But he might be a good one because he has already gone through the games. Also, he knows what to do and what not to so that a good thing. 

2.What does Katniss mean when she says:"A kind Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous to me than an unkind one'?
I think she means that when a person is nice they are trying to make you fall under there trick so when she is thinking he is to nice to her he kills her. Probably that he is very dangerous to be with and deviouse.

3.What happens to convince Haymitch that Peeta and Katniss might be fighters?
What convinced Haymitch that Peeta and Katniss might be fighters is when Peeta hit the glass off of Haymitch's hands. After Haymitch punched peeta right on the jaw. And for Katniss she got a knife and threw it  towards the wall and it landed correct.

4.What is the first honest advice that Haymitch gives them?The first honest advice he gave them was when he said to not resist with the stylists. Also, not to act like if they were scared, to act tough!

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