Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 14 Questions!

1.. Who helps Katniss escape from the Careers? How?
Rue helps Katniss escape from the careers. Rue was on the other tree across. She warned Katniss about the tracker-jackers. Katniss had to get out of there so she got an idea buy swung the branch that was with the tracker-jackers. After she did that the tracker-jackers fell on the careers and started running. Katniss got a chance to get down and escape. 
2. What does Haymitch send Katniss?
Haymitch sends Katniss a small pot of ointment. The ointment helps relieve the pain from her burn. Katniss was so happy he gave her that gift. She went on and put the ointment. It felt cool of sensation. 
3. What does Katniss get from Glimmer's body? Why is this so important to her?
Katniss gets bows and arrows from Glimmer's body. She has to take them away fast so the hover craft won't get her and Glimmer. Its so important to her because now she has her own weapons and she knows she is really good with them.
4. What does Peeta do when he finds her?
When peeta finds Katniss he is mad because she still is there. He tells he to run really fast. Katniss was confused because she couldn't believe peeta had saved her life.
5. What are the effects of the tracker jacker stings on Katniss?
The effects of the tracker-jacker stings on Katniss is that she is hallucinating. She is seeing things that are obviously not there. She sees ants crawling all over her body. She is also tripping and falling everywhere.

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